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About disposable inbox

Spam problem could be significaly reduced thanks to our disposable inbox service. Keep your private email clean from spam, newsletters, avoid your personal email being sold to hundreds of advertising companies.

Thanks to our service, you no longer need to use your real, personal email address when registering online as you can freely and securely use our temp service, where you are let to view received emails in seconds. Get to the purpose, bypass registrations, email verifications and stay anonymous. Our service is very simple, it is completely free to use by anyone, and our domains aren't blocked.

Whether you only open our website and copy automaticaly pre-generated temporary email address to use with other online services and registrations, or you want to be creative and think of, your email will be delivered right here, to your anonymous disposable inbox.

How does it work?

Don't give out your primary email. Instead, simply think of any name ending with (ending with our domain name) and come to to read it. If you feel lazy, just visit our website and you will be present with randomly generated email address, ready to receive emails.

Our disposable email service will help you maintain clean, spam-free working enviroment just like it will help you orientate in your mailbox without having to scroll miles through unwanted spam.

What is spam?

Spam is irrelevant or unsolicited messages sent over the Internet, typically to a large list of users with their email addresses, gathered/sold/bought by hackers, websites and dishonest portals, where you registered in the past, allowing others to resell and grow this list for the purposes of advertising, phishing, spreading malware, eventualy for eternity.

Patch yourself with our free email service and let spammers spam temp mail instead of your private email. You can find more about spam here

And more!

When you finish reading your email, you can delete your email, download your email or simply leave it there and we will delete it after 30 days. This way, the service you are registering with, will not spam your inbox and yet you still receive service you are after, as you will have plenty of time to read your email here. receives your incoming mail quickly and stores messages for 30 days. Enough time to click the "confirm your email address" or "give me access now"-link.

How to use disposable email

Temporary emails lite are perfect for any kind of transaction where you want to improve your online privacy and avoid spam at the same time. Use it when you buy or sell Bitcoins, trade cryptocurrency, at exchanges, in registration forms online, forums, online games and anywhere you want.

Keep your real address for your family, friends and important emails from work, bank etc and use our temporary email for everything else.
You can use it for QA testing of emails, quick registrations and even for dating profiles and accounts. When you visit our website, you are automaticly given email address. You don't need to, however, go to our website first. You can first register anywhere online using, and then come to our site to check your confirmation email anytime. We will keep your email for 30 days unless you delete it. Protect your online privacy with our anonymous, disposable email service.